Black Millennial Entrepreneur Raises $30.5M During Series B Funding

The eSports league platform PlayVS is disrupting the gaming industry.

What We Know:

  • Earlier this year it was revealed that PlayVS—a gaming company founded by a Black millennial entrepreneur from Detroit—was on its way to becoming the largest Series A raised by a Black-owned consumer internet company.
  • The company just got a major boost with the help of mogul Sean Combs, reports Variety 
  • The eSports league platform ended its Series B funding round with $30.5 million raised
  • PlayVS is an eSports league platform that gives high school students the chance to virtually compete. Users can host competitions and live stream matches.
  • During the Series A round, PlayVS garnered $15 million.  Other companies that participated in the funding were Samsung and Adidas.

We love to see black entrepreneurs doing well!

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