Young Dolph Gives $20,000 to Coffee Shop Baristas

Just a week ago, we reported that two baristas were fired from a coffee shop on the campus of Duke University for playing trap music – music by Young Dolph.

What We Know:

  • During the Rolling Loud festival in Miami Friday night, he announced that he will present $20,000 to two Duke University coffee shop employees who were fired for bumping his song “Get Paid.”
  • Dolph flew out the students and brought them on stage where he announced the gift.
  • The two employees of Joe Van Gogh coffee shop were fired after Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta visited the shop and heard the lyrics of Dolph’s track blasting loudly.
  • Hours before Young Dolph offered the big bucks to the ex-employees, Joe Van Gogh revealed they were cutting ties with Duke University.

This story will be updated at Urban Newsroom.

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