Chikesia Clemons Violently Arrested

Footage has been released of the violent arrest of Chikesia Clemons. Ms. Clemons was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest while her friend Ms. Canita Adams was not arrested.

What we know:

  1. Ms. Chikesia Clemons’s mother told that the encounter on Sunday morning had started over plastic utensils. The women asked for plastic ware with their meal but a waitress told them that the utensils cost 50 cents extra. When Ms. Clemons and Ms. Adams objected and said they had not been charged for them in the past, the waitress canceled their order.
  2. On Monday afternoon, the Saraland Police Department released a portion of a 911 call from a Waffle House employee and footage from two security cameras inside the restaurant.
  3. The 911 call contains audio of an employee stating her manager had asked her to call because two women and a man acting “drunk and disorderly” had arrived with alcohol and were refusing to throw it away.
  4. The security footage had no audio but showed Ms. Clemons, 25, and Ms. Adams, 26, pointing and yelling at employees.
  5. Detective Brian Mims said the women were cursing and threatening them and when the officers arrived, Detective Mims said, Ms. Clemons refused to comply with their orders and resisted placing her hands behind her back. He said her race played no role in what happened.
  6. The Saraland police department said Monday that the three white police officers who threw Ms. Clemons onto the floor of the Waffle House during the arrest on Sunday, threatened to break her arm, placed a hand on her throat and exposed her breasts, had acted appropriately.
  7. The Police Department did not release the names of the officers but said that none of them would be disciplined.

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