Nicki Minaj Drops “Chun-Li’ and ‘Barbie Tingz’ , Addresses Cardi B Fued Rumors

Nicki Minaj's Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li Album Art

Nicki Minaj’s much-anticipated return has arrived.

Here’s a quick rundown:


1. Nicki Minaj dropped the new songs in an interview with radio host,  Zane Lowe

This afternoon, Nicki Minaj dropped two new singles, ‘Chun-Li’ and ‘Barbi Tingz’ during an interview with Zane Lowe. According to the Super Bass Rapper, ‘Chun-Li’ was conceived last week and completed a day before its release. Nicki wrote Barbie Tingz one and a half years ago for a Drake album, she didn’t share which one.

2. Nicki first teased the two new singles on Instagram on April 10th.

After a long social media hiatus, Nicki teased the new singles in two separate Instagram posts on April 10th.

#BarbieTingz 🦄Thursday🦄 10amPst 1pmEst everywhere.

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#ChunLi 🦄Thursday🦄 10amPst 1pmEst everywhere.

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During the interview, when asked about taking the hiatus Nicki replied, “Nicki Minaj is not all about posting photos” saying that she is a  co-producer and writer. She said she may get back off social media after today saying,  “it’s not as important to me anymore.” This comes as #nickiday was the number one trending topic on Twitter just ahead of today’s release.


3. She shouted out other female hip-hop artists

Nicki Minaj meets Lauryn Hill

Nicki took the time to shout out several female hip-hop newcomers including Cardi B, Kash Doll and even Azealia Banks saying her new record is  “dope.” She also shouted out female rap vets saying how she is inspired by Foxy Brown. And detailed her first meeting with Lauryn Hill saying she literally had to “bow down”  She did not mention Lil Kim.

4. Cardi B, Quavo hurt her feelings

Nicki Minaj and Quavo in 'Motor Sport Video'

When asked about the rumored feud between her and Cardi B, Nicki was extremely candid. She said that her feelings were hurt during Cardi’s initial interview after the release of the hit Migos song ‘Motor Sport’, in which she was featured alongside Cardi. Nicki expressed how Cardi appeared to be “aggravated and angry”  when asked about Nicki’s verse on the song. She said, she thought Cardi should have sung her praises much like Nicki did Trina, the first established female rapper she did a song with.

“The only thing with Cardi that really, really, really hurt my feelings was the first interview she did after ‘MotorSport’ came out… With ‘MotorSport,’ I kinda felt ambushed. Up until this recent interview she did, I had never seen her show me genuine love in an interview. And I can just imagine how many girls wished they could be on a song with Nicki Minaj.”

Nicki went on to express how rumors that she was lying about how’ Motor Sport’  came about, made her uneasy. According to Nicki,  she said “yes” when Rapper Quavo came to her and asked if she was ok with adding Cardi B to the track. When fans began to doubt her claims, she texted Quavo asking him to help back her up on social media. He refused. That also hurt her feelings.



5. Lil’ Wayne and Birdman called to congratulate her

Weezy and Birdman called her separately to congratulate her on the release of her new singles. Lil Wayne, who called first, joked about how he and Nicki were a couple. He went on to admit to not listening to anyone else’s music.

Birdman called after the replay of the songs. Nicki also responded to criticism for not taking sides during the largely public disagreement between Birdman and Lil Wayne. In response, Minaj said,  “we family, family works sh*t out.”  She also said people do not know who Baby is behind closed doors. She was eluding to the fact that he is very supportive.


6. Nicki is going to be busy this Year

The self-proclaimed “Female Weezy” said both an album and a tour are forthcoming this year.  She refused to share any more information. The rap superstar is also is creating  a new record label and encouraged aspiring artists and producers to tweet her or “ask around.” She said her Barbz with do the rest.

Check Out Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li here: