Amanda Bynes Still in Mental Hospital After She Was Found Naked in LA

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since Amanda Bynes was first admitted to a mental health hospital, and her release date is still undetermined.

via: Page Six

The actress — who was placed on a psychiatric hold last month — isn’t being “forced to stay” at the facility, TMZ reports.

Sources close to the “Amanda Show” alum told the outlet that she doesn’t feel “ready to leave” and her release date is still “undetermined.”

“Those around her are already formulating a plan to make sure she stays on the right path,” the report read.

Insiders also claimed that medical staff has been taking Bynes’ stay “week by week” and that she would enroll in an outpatient mental health treatment program when she eventually leaves.

The “Hairspray” star’s attorney did not immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

It was most recently reported that Bynes’ 5150 hold was extended an additional week as she was “seriously focusing on getting better.”

The “Easy A” star, who was previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder, may have been living “on the streets for days” before she called the police on herself upon suffering a mental break, TMZ reported at the time.

On March 15 — four days before she was found — her car was towed in Long Beach, Calif., more than 40 miles from her home.

The vehicle’s location was also 15 miles from where she was eventually located by cops in downtown Los Angeles, leading the outlet’s sources to believe she may have been hitchhiking or taking public transportation.

We open Amanda is getting the help she needs.

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